Video Marketing Tips

Online video marketing has become more and more important in recent years. But what exactly is video marketing? What advantages can this form of marketing bring me? Is a good ranking on video platforms like youtube worth it?

Video Marketing Introduction

Video marketing is a subform of online marketing and there are now good reasons for this. With the widespread availability of fast Internet, the number of video consumers on the Internet has also increased. Platforms like Youtube have more visitors than ever – and the trend is rising. Being at the forefront on Google is getting harder every day due to search engine optimization and the army of agencies that are optimizing more and more websites.

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. That’s why online video marketing continues to come into focus. Because with a video it is 53x easier to rank with Google on the first side. And with a video the Websites are clicked in the search results more frequently. Videos are increasingly preferred by decision-makers when it comes to finding out about a product or service.

2005 Youtube is founded

In 2005, the first video was uploaded to the video platform Youtube. Today, new video material is uploaded to Youtube every 48 hours per minute. The video content consists of a variety of topics such as cat videos, tutorials and how-to videos, product reviews and consumer tips on all possible issues.

The video as medium in the Internet grew rapidly. And the Zenit of the video marketing in the Internet is in my opinion not yet reached. By Tablets and mobile phones and also by the development of fast, mobile Internet there will be a second mobile video boom.

Video Marketing Tips

In order to rank well on Youtube and other video platforms you should read the following 10 online video marketing formulas:

Upload videos to large video platforms

Hosting a video yourself hardly makes sense these days. Youtube or Vimeo are fast, comfortable and best suited for video marketing. Only youtube has 3 million clicks per day. That may not necessarily be 3 million potential customers – but even a fraction of them can cause an enormous rush of visitors to your Internet presence. So upload your video to Youtube.

Content is King!

This famous saying is the basic formula for good online marketing. And of course the same formula also applies to video marketing. This means that you should provide your potential customer with high-quality tips or other interesting information. Boring advertising videos with the self-presentation of your company have little effect on video marketing. The video must have added value for the potential customer.

Keyword optimization

Keyword research with the Google Adwords Tool has now defined search terms. These keywords must appear in the video title and video description. Important is a high search volume of the keyword and suitable content of the video for the keyword. After all, the visitor should also find what he is looking for. Tricks can only help here at short notice. In the long run one will have little success if one describes a video with an inappropriate keyword.

Link to your own website

In the description of the video a link to your own website should be set. So the visitor of the video can easily switch to your homepage. If possible, the link to your own homepage should appear in the first three lines of the description text. Thus the link is always displayed on Youtube, even if the description is minimized.

Low costs for online video marketing

Online video marketing can also mean that you initially advertise your video on Youtube. The prices for advertising on Youtube are still low. Millions of so-called “viewers” offer an enormous reach in online video advertising.

Sharing – sharing is cool

The special thing about Youtube, the largest social media platform, is the so-called social media effect – the sharing of content. In online video marketing this content is of course the video. The social media effect leads to a snowball like distribution. If a user shares the video on Facebook, for example, it is immediately seen by about 300 friends. Out of these 300 friends, 3 users share the video … etc.

User engagement

User engagement refers to the involvement of the user – for example through interactions. On Youtube, for example, a user can post a comment and thus trigger a discussion among the users. Youtube likes that – it shows that users are interested in the video. This makes the video rank better. An interaction can also be subscribing to the Youtube channel. This is the key to further traffic, i.e. users who become aware of your newly uploaded videos.

Attach transcription

A transcription describes, among other things, the recording of film content in written form. If you have a transcription of your video, you should copy it into the description of the video. It best describes the content of the video. The simple motto “a lot helps a lot” applies to the description of the video. However, this only applies to content that is relevant – the subject of the text must reflect the content of the video.

Fill in video data completely

With Youtube you should also assign so-called “tags” after uploading your video. These tags are keywords (to the content of your video). These keywords also influence the Youtube search. Also the language and the topic of the video should be specified to make a better and more accurate indexing possible.

By the way, rename your video before uploading and give it a meaningful title. 10th Online Video Marketing Platforms
Youtube is certainly the largest video platform and a good basis for online video marketing. However, if you need the full power of video marketing, Vimeo and other video platforms are essential.

Depending on the topic, Vimeo can be used, for example, for particularly artistic videos. MyVideo, on the other hand, scores with fast laughs. And so each video platform has its own theme.

Video Marketing Conclusion

These 10 rules are the minimum for the chance of a prominent insertion. Variable factors are the likes and dislikes of a video. They signal the popularity of a video and have a direct influence on the search engine results on Youtube and Google. With User Engagement you animate the viewers to share or comment on your video. With this you can also achieve the integration of clips on other sites and thus receive important backlinks.

Video marketing is an important factor in the entire online marketing portfolio. With appealing videos you can attract visitors to your homepage and present your company audiovisually.